Saturday, January 1, 2011

Haven't we already

We could build castles together.

We could watch movies on mute and play our music too loud to block out the screaming inside our heads. The acting wouldn't make much sense anymore, but it never does.
I could promise you forever, something that seems so absolutely wrong, and you could make me crowns of lion's  teeth, my most favourite flower ever.
And in the middle of the summer time we could make a rainbow tent just like we did in gym class. And while the world outside is terribly dark we could scream until we cry because that's what crazy people do.

But even this is too much to ask.

So I'll offer my heart, you eat it all up, just like the monsters under my bed. And when it's gone I'll ask to see your badge, but you're aren't real, anyway.

Oh, I'm a liar all right. I'm lying to myself and reality is on my toes.

Someone help me run far, far away?

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