Friday, November 5, 2010

One piece

Paisley: There was a sea monster in my bath tub last night. I was going to soak for a while in the warm water and then go to sleep, but I couldn't because his eyes were watching me far too closely.
Scum: There was a dragon in my soup this morning. Dear thing was drowning, and when I tried to pull him out he chilled me so cold it burnt. 
Paisley: Did his eyes pierce your skin? I felt prickles, Fax.
Scum: I don't remember his eyes, just the chill. 
Paisley: Well it's harder now. Kracker's gone, and they're everywhere.
Scum: Kracker? Oh...goodness. What did I miss when I was gone?
Paisley: Everything happened because you left, Fax. Jax took Kracker to the clubhouse to show her something he'd figured out, said he'd show me once it was safe. I...couldn't stop myself, I hid in the boulders near the lake and waited for them, figuring I'd pretend I'd been hiding out from Dad and Crook, but... was so awful. It was the darkest creature I'd ever seen, yellow eyes. Very small, beady, yellow little eyes. It started getting really cold, and I was about to turn home, but I heard Jax scream. His voice was so terrifying, I was paralized, Fax. I couldn't move. And then I saw it's nasty little face, and Kracker was running. She tried to attack it with her knife, but it didn't even bleed. It's skin tore right off and fell to the ground, where it burned up and disappeared into ash, then air. Jax was...I don't remember, he was gone, and the thing scratched Kracker's shoulder. So much blood...she, screamed. Loud. That hurt my ears, hurt my brain. Everything hurt, and I remember peering up and staring directly into it's eyes. It saw me. 
*Fax takes this all in, then waits.*
Paisley: I don't remember anything else. I woke up in my bed, on top of the covers. Crook walked in and told me to bathe before supper, but I didn't feel hungry in the least. I told him I'd just go to bed after. That's when I saw the sea monster, and it's eyes. It's eyes...were yellow. Just like that creature's eyes. Only, it vanished moments after, and I went straight to bed. I haven't seen anyone since, 'cept you. 
Scum: Oh...Paisley, darling. You must be traumatized. 

Scum thought for a moment, then recalled his father asking if he'd seen Jax around near supper the previous night. He got a sick feeling in his stomach.

Scum: Come on sunshine, let's get you home. Best to get another night's rest before we investigate anything, and I'll get some supplies. Just to be safe, act as if you saw nothing. Crook's still on watch with us. Can you manage to eat something, sweetie? Just something small like some bread or fruit. I'll come by your place tomorrow 'round dawn. 
Paisley:, this isn't about me, though. Kracker's gone. And I don't even own best friend, I just...we need to find her. 
Scum: Far as anyone knows she's not even missing. Come on. Please, get some rest and we'll figure this out tomorrow. I'll ask around a bit in town, but we must be discreet. You sleep. 
Paisley: We need to find what Jax went to show her.
Scum: In the morning.
Paisley: I...-fine. But not a minute later.