Monday, February 14, 2011

The moon and the stars

Maybe you hurt me. We've gone drinking every poison we could find, and that's okay, that's just great. We've lied and screamed and we've been those scared little girls in the grasp of villains. And that's all right. Together, we've run away from it all and promised ourselves the stars and the moon, the whole entire universe's strings to play with, we've promised the world but you know... I never really wanted the world. Sometimes I'm scared to talk to you now because you've changed so much. It's like it always was. You're not waiting for me but I'm waiting so patiently, so desperately like maybe you'll switch back and it'll all have been a dream... Dreams, of course... Dreams I've heard lies whispered that it'll all just work out.
Maybe you've hurt me, but lift up my sleeves. I don't see any wounds there, do you? You're not looking at me, but I don't really want the world. Give me the stars, I mean...I'll cherish them if they're a gift from you, but it isn't the stars I'm dreaming of, is it?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Maybe you're dreaming.  Maybe I'm dreaming. Maybe every night we meet in our dreams and live this life, where we are people in love, with friends, who work jobs and go to school, and create novels and music and beats, and then we wake in the morning as something else, something completely different from our dreams.
Maybe this hell we've put ourselves through is all in our heads but like they say, "Take off your clothes and run around--after all, you're only dreaming."
It all seems very real, but if we do not remember our REAL-real selves at night, why should we be them at all?
Day and night are very different and if, in this dream world we've created, we have both, god KNOWS what's out there, waiting for when we wake. If it's horrible and monstrous, if we'll only remember our reverie...who knows if we'll wake as a ghost and realize we are only dead, but that is living in their reality...
who knows, my friend, it doesn't matter now.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Darling if you love me
won't you please, please smile?
Your voice an ivory locket
but your dinner became bile.
Darling I do love you
but it's this I do not get:
well you tell me you adore me
but in chains your heart is set.
Darling if you love me
won't you please, please shine?
Like many come before me
promised you would ALWAYS, said, be mine.
Darling I do love you but by this
I am perplexed.
Since you claim that you adore me
though the loving you won't let.
Darling if you love me
won't you please, please call?
See you act like you adore me
but we haven't spoke since fall.
Darling if you love me
can't we please, please touch?
You arms are safe and I am scared
but you keep just from my clutch.
Darling if you love me
though I know you really don't
won't you spare me these last moments
to help me stay afloat?