Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eddie's heartless

"I often wonder what makes my heart beat," she said, picking the rough yellow grass out of the ground. Lucia watched, eyes tired from the summer air. "It's your blood, isn't it? Oh...I don't know, Eddie. You heart beats because it beats."
Quiet thoughts told Eddie to drop it. Too quiet. "I think I'd be happy," she phrased carefully. "If it would just stop." But her heart didn't stop beating right that moment. It kept on for years until she'd dragged herself through high school and career choices, and boring days at the office. Until she'd followed the mundane path of everyone else, clawing at herself from the inside out. Enough, it decided one day, and that was it for Eddie.
A sad story if you believe it, because there was no heart to be begin with.

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