Thursday, July 22, 2010

Once a friend, now a lover.

Moments with her are like those moments in your childhood where time lays in the still wind, frozen as you wave the bubble wand across the sky and release a thousand little globes of swirls into the atmosphere. My breath catches in my throat as she smiles at me and my heart trembles like the wings of butterflies.

"I am so happy with you," she says in a whispery breath.

The flash of her melted-chocolate eyes leaves me speechless and again I'm reminded that she chose me, out of all the girls in this world she chose me, and I could not be happier. Words flow through my lips in silence, masking themselves as laughter, and I laugh with my whole body, shoulders shaking. Cheeks aching.

"I'm my best when I'm with you," I murmur.

Her fingers sweep across the couch cushions to tickle the back of my hand, so soft and graceful like rays of sunshine. She brightens my day, as corny as it sounds. She is my raison d'etre. I'm alive for her.

Make each day count because it's one more day we have together. 
Smile with your whole heart and laugh with your whole soul.
Sing with passion. Live with passion. 
Be the beautiful girl you are. 

I am beautiful because I am hers. She lights me up from the inside, inky waves of sunlight that bounce around in my hollowed-out core. She's filling me with happiness. I'm bubbling over.

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