Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet Kisses

"So I've taken to wearing all black," I say to her as she eases herself down from the top of the chain-link fence and into the flower-covered field.

"I've noticed," she replies. She gathers all her blonde hair up in her hands and lets it fall at her neck. "It suits you somehow, like your colour shows when you strip away everything else."

After a quick glance over my shoulder to see if the security guards noticed our arrival, I lead her up and over a tiny hill until we're standing at the very beginning of the end of forever. Tiny purple dots of flowers stretch out before us, welcoming us with the sweet scent emanating from their soft petals. She whispers out a small gasp of excitement before taking off running through the field, that wild mane of hers soaring out behind her like rays of sunshine.

"Come on, girl of darkness. Come play with me," she giggles.

I follow her, grateful for the quiet breeze kissing my cheeks and bare legs as the black skirt of my sundress lifts up a little while I run. She reaches for both my hands and takes them in hers, suddenly spinning me around in circles so the whole world around us fades into a beautiful blur. All I see is her ivory face, the curious blue eyes, and a pair of plump pink lips that seem to be calling to me.

"You look almost like you've fallen in love," she jokes, but our spinning slowly comes to a stop and we sink to the ground in unison.

"Maybe I have," I say.

There's a question in her blue eyes now, but it isn't asking me who I love. She's leaning in, her forehead resting on mine before she presses her lips into my own and we kiss. The tiny purple flowers begin to sing and I smile, still kissing this girl as she kisses back.

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