Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Tamber watched the edge of the water with empty eyes.
She was waiting for that boy again. For him to appear out of nowhere like a super hero and make her smile. She was waiting, but it was taking ages.
The rough material of her blue, old-fashioned dress started to rustle with the wind, and finally, that boy's reflection rippled across the water until he was sitting next to her in his old suspenders. Tamber liked the idea that this was a dream. Where the boys dressed in white, button-up shirts and wore strange brown shoes. She liked their rough pants and dark, tweed hats that reminded her of Ireland. It was a nice dream to get lost in. A safe place for her to go.
"I see you've got your shoes back, love." The boy was smiling his toothy smile.
Tamber nodded. "Ronald returned them in my window last night. Bit of a risky job, but we managed without my father finding out."
The boy laughed. "You musta, otherwise I quite likely wouldn't be seeing ya here, would I?"
There was a silence between them for quite a long time, until Tamber spoke again.
"I'm sorry. I've forgotten you name." This was an obvious lie, to her, at least, because she'd never known his name in the first place.
"Hah, it's Oran, love. How could you forgot your silly old Oran?"
Oran calling himself hers gave Tamber a little jilt in her stomach. Such a strange thought, though. She waited a moment to capture her thoughts before she projected them.
"Ah, I remember. Oran."
Tamber smiled, and Oran returned it easily. The silence that followed was comfortable, until Tamber was pulled out of her sleep and into the real world once again.

"Tamber. Wake up, you've got training today." Tamber groaned and held her eyes shut tight.
"Not yet," she mumbled from under the covers. But the soft, red cotton sweatpants folded at the end of her bed brought her to the realization that she was now fully awake, and could do nothing to help that any longer.
"Fine. Get out. I'm changing."
Tamber sighed.
She absolutely hated waking up.

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